Monday, October 13, 2014

13/10/14 School

Today in school, there was the inter-class games. Class 6.3 (my class) got 3rd. Well, you know Eqsha smthing? She was like telling her class that 6.3 cheated cos they lost to us. For real? :P After the games, we went to the computer lab for a compiter lesson.. :) Our project was to take pictures and videos to make a montage of the memories in Anderson Primary. We even took a "wefie" with Ms Guo (our form teacher). It was very awkward. after school, I went to Venice's house and we (YiHui, Ada, WeiQi, ShuWei, Venice and myself) played water balloons and water guns. We were SOAKING WET!! But it was the best day eva. There you go, tomorrow is the holidays for PSLE MARKING!!! (Fingers crossed) :) Let's hope I do well for PSLE..

P.S I have a very very bad feeling of my marks. (For PSLE) :((

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